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Biothermics - Soluciones de Cadena de frío.

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We design and develop thermal packaging solutions to preserve the cold chain with the main objective of offering safety and providing value to our customers.

Gel refrigerante COLDFRESH - Biothermics


It has to be safe, rugged and efficient with sufficient energy storage to give the maximum expected performance.

Neveras de icopor - Biothermics

Polystyrene coolers

Portable packaging and thermal insulation ideal for transport and distribution +24h.

Cajas térmicas - Biothermics

Thermal Boxes / Polystyrene.

Robust packaging, large capacity, higher performance of the cold chain due to its thermal insulation for the transport and distribution of distant points, 40 – 48 hours.

Cajas biotérmicas - Biothermics

Biothermic Boxes

The evolution of packaging has brought us safer, more thermally-insulating, customizable and environmentally-friendly packaging.



We commercialize equipment to monitor in real time and without violating the thermal inertia of a product, the preservation of a cold chain.

verigo sensors
Etiquetas visuales Timestrip - Biothermics

Visual Timestrip Tags

Useful, user-friendly, accurate, estimated excursion time.

Verigo Multiusos y un solo uso - Biothermics

Temperature and humidity

Practical, versatile, accurate, configurable and instantaneous (single use or Multipurpose).

Termómetro Infrarojo Thermotrace - Biothermics

Thermotrace infrared thermometer

Portable, accurate, cold chain operational work.

Thermal packaging systems.

Cold chain validation.

Conservation of life.

Cold chain products between 2 and 8 degrees.

Freezing chain.

Thermolabile products between 10 and 25 degrees.